Ryan Stewart Shares Words of Encouragement and Unique Drone Experience with The Joy House Residents

Former Georgia Tech and Detroit Lions football player, Ryan Stewart, visited our campus last week. He encouraged our teen residents during school with an inspirational presentation. Stewart stated “the Lord led me to encourage them to trust in Him and to know that He’s doing a good work in each and every one of them. I felt it was important for them to know that they are actually right where they need to be and with a group of people, led by former Georgia Tech graduate Steve Lowe, that love them dearly. Sometimes our toughest times lead to our BIGGEST blessings.” To reward the students for their attentiveness and good behavior, Stewart took them up to the top Joy House field for a special experience. There he brought out his new drone he calls “Debbie.” Stewart took some fun photos of the kids and gave us a one of a kind view of the campus and the beautiful Georgia Appalachian Mountain surroundings. He even let one of the residents take over the controls for a bit. You can see the bird’s-eye view video by clicking here. Thank you, Ryan! We can’t wait to have you visit again.

Stewart takes a photo of The Joy House crew with Debbie the drone

If you know of anyone interested in visiting our campus to share an encouraging testimony or unique experience with our students, please e-mail alison@thejoyhouse.org