By: Bill Sherry, Houseparent

Our leadership class began in January of this year with each student writing a 100-word essay titled, “What is leadership?”  Over the next three months we studied leaders in politics, religion, business and sports.  The students learned various leadership techniques and the differences between earned (servant) leadership and positional leadership.

The students were required to write and present an essay each week dealing with leadership with each being evaluated by their peers as well as the teacher.  They learned the effects of positive and negative reinforcement in the classroom as well as through uncommon games of billiards.

Each student took a very candid look at themselves as we explored personality profiles.  First we focused on understanding who we are and then how to work with people who are very different to achieve a common goal.

Everything discussed in class was “field tested” in the class final project, “Sleeping Mats for the Homeless.”  The class had to work together setting short and long-term goals, strategizing, marketing, and providing instruction.  A goal to deliver ten mats to the homeless of Atlanta by the end of June was set, and thankfully this goal will be achieved!

In May, each student presented a final 1000-word essay entitled “What is Leadership?”  The essays and presentations were evaluated by parents and members of The Joy House staff.

As their teacher and mentor, I am proud of the work each of these students presented and I am confident that they have a great deal of leadership to offer in the future for God’s glory!

Bill Sherry and his wife, Jane, became our Girl’s Home Houseparents at The Joy House in 2017.