By: Bill Sherry, Girl’s Home Houseparent

From June 4 thru June 8 the girls were privileged to join with IGNITE youth group from Trinity Church.  A short 6-hour van ride to Potters Ranch in Union, KY allowed us to enjoy great accommodations, activities, and food.  More importantly, we were 30 minutes from The Creation Museum.  Talk about back to the beginning.  This was a tremendous comparison of creation and evolution.  One of the exhibits allowed us to walk through creation up until the flood.  Another exciting venue was the Star Gazer Planetarium.   This look into creation clearly shows the awesomeness of God, the order in the universe, and how small our planet really is yet we are chosen by the Creator of it all.

We also spent a day at the Ark Encounter.  This was the Bible come to life.  The size.  The detail.  The faith of Noah and his family.  To consider that all the lumber had to be cut and shaped without one power tool.  Food had to be grown, prepared, and stored in the ark.  To see how it could have be done was amazing.  To also see how animals could have be cared for over such a long period of time was enlightening.

A special thanks to Trinity Church and IGNITE for including us in this life changing trip, back to the beginning.

Click HERE to see some photos from our trip.

Below are some of the girl’s comments on their favorite parts of the trip;

“Being able to come together and worship the one true God with other believers.”

“It was amazing to see the Ark up close and to notice how trusting Noah was with the Lord.”

“I really loved Potters Ranch.  All of the outdoor activities were a blast and it was a beautiful property.”

“It was fun to go on a road trip with my Joy House family.”

“I loved the rock wall and paintball.”

“It was amazing to have the opportunity to go to both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter with the Joy House and our youth group.”

“When I was at the Ark I learned that we are all one race.”

“I was surprised at how big the Ark was.”

“At the Creation Museum I learned that Adam and Eve didn’t know what the fruit was that they ate from the tree of Knowledge.”

“I also found it very informative about all the corruption as a result of Adam and Eve’s sin.”

“I like the planetarium and Stargazers.”

“It was relaxing and I liked all the activities we got to do.”

“I liked worship and Mrs. Susan’s teaching about creation and evolution.”

“I enjoyed the skit the last day of camp.”

“I really liked the miniature ark display.”

“I liked seeing Adam and Eve before the fall.”

“At the Ark Encounter, I liked seeing how Noah and his family lived in the ark.”

“I liked seeing a whole bunch of funky animals.”

“I enjoyed the interview with Noah.”

“I liked the Creation Museum because it had a lot of good evidence for the Bible.”

“I liked learning about all the different kinds of animals at the Ark Encounter.”

“I thought the camp we stayed at was really pretty and the food was good.”

“I liked the Star Gazers planetarium and seeing how small we are compared to the rest of space yet God still loves us.”

“Mrs. Susan really had a lot of good things to say.”

A special thank you to everyone who made this getaway possible for our houseparents and the girl’s home residents. If you are interested in future opportunities to treat our residents to a special outing or trip, please feel free to contact Steve via e-mail at or via phone at 706.253.7569.