By: Ali Metcalf, Director of Communications

When I heard that Pickens county resident, Chris Rumble, was seeking a painting party pilot group to help launch his mobile painting party venture, I knew I had to convince him to come to The Joy House. I was introduced to Chris a couple of years ago by a mutual friend at Six Flags where he was performing as “Uncle Chris” in the “Uncle Chris Christmas Show.” I have admired his work often while visiting a local school where his beautiful mural welcomed you as soon as you entered the hallway. He is an uber-talented individual and I knew it would be an amazing experience for our residents to see his talent in action. Thankfully, Chris agreed to come share his talent without hesitation. Our painting party was held on Monday afternoon, July 23rd, and boy, did we have fun!

After turning our administration office into an art studio, Chris started the event by sharing a little bit about his own story. He challenged the kids to pursue what it is they are passionate about and to always be willing to try. 11 residents got to try their hand at making their own pieces of art. We decided to recreate a mountain river scene in light of The Joy House Academy’s recent kayaking field trip on the river. Each resident picked out their brushes, made their own paint palette and stood in front of their blank canvas prepared to listen to instructions. Chris guided us all with each element helping us to visualize our painting into layers, starting with the sky and water. I, Ms. Jane, Mr. Nick and his daughter, Avery, joined in on the fun too. It was amazing to see in about three hours how 16 blank canvases turned into 16 unique pieces of art, each with their own personality.

From little Avery to the adults, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and find it exciting to take home a piece of art they created. Here are a few quotes from some of our residents about their experience:

“I had so much fun and am starting to paint again thanks to Chris Rumble! Thanks so much!” – Danielle

“Painting with an instructor like Chris Rumble is an experience that will stay with me for a long time. I’ve never been so relaxed or enjoyed myself more while painting.” – Christina

“A new perspective on art in today’s society. Pure, clean, fun that captures the beauty of God’s creation. Mr. Rumble was light, fun and patient with all of us. I’d definitely do it again.” – Jess

You can find Chris Rumble’s art all over the nation, some of which is highlighted on his Facebook page. He is available for hire for murals, author presentations, workshops and his newest endeavor, paint parties. More information can be found at He may also be contacted by emailing or calling 770-617-8381.

Please enjoy our photo album from this event by clicking here.