I hope this finds you all well. In the past month, we’ve faced challenges, but have also seen the gracious hand and provision of the Lord. During these challenging times, we’ve seen both the best and worst of our fellow man. We’ve all had to battle fear and anxiety, some based on concerns about the virus itself and some based on the consequences we’re experiencing from our response. I know that I need an anchor to fasten to in the midst of the storm. One of my favorite passages of scripture is Rom. 8:31-39.

For the believer, “if God is for us, who can be against us.” If He did not spare His own son in the purchase of our redemption, how will He not through Christ graciously give us all we need. We then see all the things that Christ’s love will overcome. As I look ahead, I’m sure there will be difficulties, but the promise of Christ’s love is firm to see us through to ultimate triumph no matter the obstacles. That promise is true for all who have placed their trust in him.

With our state beginning to open back up, we are making plans to move back to more normal operations in the coming days in both our teen residential program and community counseling center. We will soon be welcoming our teens and their families back to campus along with the arrival of new families in May, God willing. We’re also excited about hosting a virtual banquet in May to share and celebrate the good things the Lord is doing here. We hope many of you will plan on joining us for that special time on Tuesday, May 19th. We’ll have more specific plans regarding that in the coming days through social media and our email communications.

May you rest in the strong love of Christ during these coming days.