Too Good to Be True

Receive Georgia Tax Credit to Help our Teens

What if you could make a difference in the education of a teen at The Joy House through dollars you are already going to spend? What if you could receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit by helping a Joy House teen with their education? The good news is you can through the Georgia Education Expense Tax Credit Program.  This program has become a very important source in funding for us over the past 3-5 years. We are funding a large majority of our educational expenses through this program.

Several of our partners have found this is a great way to give and realize the tax credit benefit. We are looking for a few more partners to join us for the 2021 tax year with a goal of funding our entire educational program.

Please follow this link for the details on our website. If you need more information please contact Steve at 706-253-7569 or Thanks for your consideration and we hope many of you will choose to take advantage of this as we roll into the New Year and make a difference for a teen at The Joy House.