Finding God’s Purpose

Teen Spotlight

We’re so excited about what God has in store for Eli. Pictured above are Eli and his father Joe since leaving the program. On the evening of January 30th, we gathered to celebrate his completion of the program. What tremendous change we’ve seen in this young man over the past 18 months. Our boy’s house dad, Nick, described working with Eli as a “difficult joy”.  Nick further shared this regarding Eli:

“One of the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5 is long-suffering.  For house parents, long-suffering is one of the fruits of the Spirit that is desperately needed and it is tested daily. Getting tired and weary of the task at hand happens some days . . . But what wonderful blessing it to watch a transformation! The Eli that moved into the Joy House in August of 2019 is not the Eli that moved out in December 2021.  According to Eli’s own testimony, the Lord changed his heart! The Lord used these long conversations and Bible study to work in his soul a new way of thinking. As Eli packed his father’s truck to go home that night I was reminded that our God is still at work. He is still changing lives. Our God can be trusted. Our God is still at work!”

It has been our great honor to be part of Eli, Joe, and their family’s journey. We’ve been blessed in developing these new friendships. Please read these testimonies from Eli and his dad Joe regarding their experience with The Joy House program.

I struggled for all of my teen years with anger, anxiety, and making all-around horrible decisions that were bringing me to new lows every day. It was tearing me and my family apart…and for years, my family tried to find help, but to no avail. Then, my parents found the Joy House…and the residential program was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The people on staff were some of the most genuine, caring, and Godly people I had ever been around. It was them caring for me and showing Christ’s love to me that ultimately changed my heart to want to live for God. I am forever grateful for the Joy House and the amazing staff there. – Eli

The adolescent and early teenage years were extremely challenging and difficult with my son.  I felt moments of hopelessness and helplessness.  I felt as if I was somehow failing him.  I had tried counseling, medicine, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.  I never stopped trying to give my son the best opportunities to achieve his potential.  He went from being this bright, outgoing little boy to a young man that had lost his way and didn’t seem to care about anyone or anything anymore.  He attempted to gain acceptance from his peers by stealing, vaping, trying drugs, fighting etc.  He was angry and on a path of self-destruction.  I prayed like his life depended on it.  Because it did!  I spent countless hours researching teen programs.  I found the Joy House only by chance, or so it seemed at the time.  I prayed even more.  When I had made the decision to take my son to the Joy House, I still had reservations about leaving my son to live somewhere else as it is my responsibility to raise him and guide him.  With each visit and encounter with the director, the counselor, the house parents, the principal and teachers of the academy; I began to realize that God had led me to this place for my son and for my family.  Thanks to the grace, love and care that was shown to my son during his 18 months at the Joy House.  My son now is a junior in high school an all A student but more importantly  he’s gained a genuine love of the Lord and an understanding of what God’s love and purpose for him really means. – Joe