Joy House Annual Banquet

Celebrating 20 Years
We’re just under four weeks away from our annual banquet. With all the difficulties and challenges of the last year we’re excited about our theme, “Abound in Hope”. This year’s banquet will take on special significance as we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary.  It’s hard to believe it has been 20 years since the Lord birthed this ministry. We took the first teen into our residential program in the summer of 2001. What an incredible adventure and journey it has been across these 20 years as we’ve witnessed changed lives, experienced the Lord’s great provision, and been able to build so many incredible relationships.
As part of our program this year we’ll be celebrating these 20 years. We’ve got some great testimonies lined up from some of our friends whose lives have been impacted through our teen residential program and community counseling center. We’re also delighted to partnering again with our great friends at SharpTop Cove and will enjoy a great meal together in a beautiful setting.
We hope some of you will join us for this year’s banquet. After not being able to gather in-person last year we’re looking forward to being able to do so this year, and also providing an opportunity for partners and friends to join us online. This is a great night of celebration, inspiration and fellowship. Here are a few ways we would like you to consider joining us.
  • Table Hosts:  Critical to the success of our banquet are our ministry partners who serve as table hosts. A table host simply commits to inviting and filling a table with eight guests. There is NO COST to host a table.  Instead, an opportunity to invest in the ministry is presented to all of our guests at the end of the evening. It is our existing partners that typically serve as table hosts and invite friends to introduce to the ministry. This has been one of the greatest ways we’ve gained new friends/partners across the years. We would be blessed if some of you would consider hosting a table. If you are interested in hosting a table please reach out to me via email or by phone at 706-253-7569.
  • Banquet Guests: If you would like to join us as a guest simply follow this link and register. We are limiting our in-person guests to around 300, but we still have seats available.
  • Online: Due to limited seating and continued concerns for many regarding COVID, we will also be live-streaming our banquet. This also will prove convenient for some who may not can take the time to join us in-person, but can tune in online. The banquet program will begin live-streaming at 7:00 on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.
We’ve made a commitment that we’ll never reject anyone seeking our services based on financial considerations. For that reason, clients fees for both our teen residential program and community counseling center are based on ability-to-pay. Our client fees never make up more than 15% to 20% of our total budget. It is only through partners like you that we’re able to bring Christ’s hope and healing to those we serve. The giving associated with our banquet makes up a significant portion of our budget as it is our single biggest fundraising event each year.
We hope many of you will join us for this special evening whether in-person or online.