A Story of Change

By Emily

When I was just nine years old my parents passed away. Later my Aunt took me and my big brother into her home out of the kindness of her heart. I was lost in depression and anxiety and I began to act out based on my emotions. After seven years of this, my Aunt decided to look for help. After much searching she found The Joy House.

At first I was very angry and upset but deep down I knew that something needed to change and that I needed help. Overall, I was willing to accept help. That frame of mind opened up the opportunity for me to meet some great people. The amazing people at church, loving and encouraging House Parents, understanding and helpful counselor, caring and dedicated teachers and the good principal. All of these people have helped change me through their love and support. Because of all these caring people around me I have begun to flourish academically, spiritually and morally. But the most important thing that has happened, is that I met God again. I was a lost Christian who needed guidance and He found and rescued me from my darkness. I was finally able to feel happy again. Then a wonderful opportunity arose. I was able to be baptized in the ocean! This happened during the Woodstock Church of Jasper teen beach trip.

The changes in my life have been drastic. I am doing great in school. I am setting goals and accomplishing them. Things at home are way better than they have been in years. I am spiritually drawn to know more about God and to become closer to Him. I am just so different, and in a good way.

Now I have high hopes for my future. I have many privileges that I didn’t have before. I have faith that great things are to come because of The Joy House. Thank you to every single person on staff and anyone else who has helped in any way.