As a child, my main goal was to get a job and get as far away from Mom and Dad as I could. I believed I had it all under control, all by myself. However, running to class after being given a tardy pass, the world was crumbling under my feet. From juggling band rehearsals to excruciatingly long volleyball practices, I began to think I had lost the will to go on.

After attempting suicide, I was sent to what I thought was Hell on Earth. I was a complete wreck, but that didn’t stop my parents or the Joy House staff from doing their absolute best to guide me in the light of the Lord to overcome my depression.

I owe my life to these people. Mr. Darren is a great counselor and a wonderful friend. Ms. Robin, or the “hero of the story” as she states, makes everything make sense. Her quirky smiles and crazy good explanations have helped me tremendously in school. Mrs. Jenn and Mr. Seth, my house parents, are the light of my day. They are pretty stinkin’ hilarious and can both cook up a storm. I could go on and on for days about how great these people really are.

During my stay, I have grown a stronger relationship with God and have learned that in the end, you really can’t do it by yourself. The Joy House is NOT Hell on Earth and far from it. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be here because it would open so many eyes.