Bill & Jane Sherry

Bill & Jane Sherry

Girl's Houseparents

Bill & Jane Sherry

Girl’s Houseparents

Coming from Butler, PA they bring enthusiasm with purpose.  Prior to joining the Joy House ministry, Bill enjoyed a career in the lumber and building materials industry and recently as a background investigator for a government contractor.  Jane has worked as a dental assistant, and personal care home owner, and material analyst.  But her favorite occupation has always been “mom!”

Bill & Jane were married in October 1977.  They served as youth workers in their church.  They also joined the Seniors Sunday School Class.  “We wanted to learn from the older Saints as it seemed most of our friends thought about most things the same way we did.”  Throughout their years together, they purposely sought mentoring by those with wisdom and experience.  “As our family grew we knew we wanted to glean from the field of other’s experiences.” They have been blessed to have sat under some wonderful teachers.  Over the past several years, at their church, they have served as small group leaders and mentors to newly married couples.

Bill and Jane have always been missions oriented.  “We have had people (non-family) living with us most of our 39 years of marriage.”  “We are certain that our faith, Christian walk and life experiences will provide the encouragement, love, and structure that the girls will need to successfully complete the Joy House Program.” One of Bill’s mentors taught “life is relationship.”  “Building relationships with those we share our life with is one of the greatest opportunities we have and an awesome responsibility.”  Walking and then talking the love of God is their personal philosophy.  “We believe that we have been called to this moment and this place by the movement of the hand of God.  As the pieces of a puzzle come together to form a complete picture, so we have seen God moving in our life to build our relationship with The Joy House Family.”

Bill grew up in the Methodist church and accepted Christ while in Junior High at the age of 13.  He was a church kid that like so many got lost in the late teen years.  Bill will always be thankful for the prayers of his mother and sister and for God’s mercy in calling him back.  Bill has an older sister and an older brother.  Bill’s favorite books of the Bible are Joshua and Nehemiah. (As well as a chapter of Proverb a day.)

Jane grew up in the Catholic faith.  She chose to trust Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 15 while at a Young Life Camp.  Jane has three younger sisters and an older sister. Jane’s life verse is Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Bill and Jane have three daughters and two sons with two granddaughters and four grandsons. Three additional grandchildren are anticipated by the end of 2017!

Bill enjoys reading, hunting, hiking and biking.  Jane’s favorite activities are jogging, hiking, biking, cooking, gardening, painting, and reading only after enough energy has been expended.  Including and encouraging others to join her is one of her gifts.

“Nothing happens by chance.  Eyes that are open with hearts that are expecting will see God moving.”