Ambassadors for Christ

By Kristy Branum

Matt and I have been houseparents at The Joy House Boys Home for just over a month, and we are so grateful that God placed us here!  Many people ask how did you find out about The Joy House?  Our answer is by God’s hand.  From the shock of Matt’s former job of 22 years being eliminated to praying about going into ministry work, God removed all obstacles and provided such peace when we arrived for our first interview visit.  Through it all we trusted God and He more than provided!

During our short time here we have worked with some very caring and compassionate people.  They have been an inspiration to us and are always ready to lend a hand or ear when needed.  At the annual banquet we were introduced to our generous donors and heard some wonderful testimonies of how The Joy House impacted lives.
Located within the Joy House Logo are the words, “Restoring lives and families”.  As we began receiving residents into our home, we have formed relationships with parents, grandparents, or guardians whose commonalities are love and hope for their teens future.  Matt and I get to be ambassadors for Christ, and sometimes we can’t believe we have been given this opportunity!  We are looking forward to a full house of 5 resident boys and watching as God truly restores lives and families.