How Can We Help?

We provide Christ-centered counseling for a range of issues including:

Overcoming anxiety and depression (adolescents and adults)

Is your child/adolescent struggling with anxiety or depression? Are they feeling hopeless?

Are you struggling with anxiety/depression? Do you find yourself feeling hopeless?

Dealing with parenting challenges

Are you continually frustrated as a parent and feeling like a failure?

Is it difficult to have healthy communication with your child/teen? Does it seem like the relationship is always strained?

Clarifying spiritual confusion

Why don’t I feel connected to God?

Why can’t I find joy as a believer?

Does God truly love me?

What is my place in Christ’s family?

Promoting personal growth

I feel I’m living my life in a rut. Why am I here?

Resolving marital strife

We’re growing further apart as a couple. It seems the only time we communicate is when we’re angry at one another.

Why doesn’t he love me? Why doesn’t she respect me?

Eliminating anger

I’m hurting those around me with my anger, but I don’t know how to stop.

Navigating grief

Have you recently lost someone you love and it has left a hole in your heart?

Shame & Guilt

Why do I feel so worthless like I never measure up?