Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about The Joy House.

1)  What are the ages of the children at The Joy House?
Ages 12 to 17 for boys and girls.

2)  What are some of the criteria for acceptance into the program?
Please see Placement Criteria Section.

3)  Where do the children come from?
The majority come from counties along the 515/575 corridor; Pickens, Cherokee, Gilmer, Cobb, Fannin. However we have served families from 19+ counties in the northern region of Georgia. Referrals typically come from schools, churches, concerned friends or family members, and the juvenile court system.

4)  How long do the children stay?
The average stay is between 12 and 18 months.

5)  Where do you get your money?
Entirely from private sources, which includes individuals, corporations, foundations and churches.

6)  Do you receive any public funding?
No. We do not have any state funding because we do not take state placement of children. We strictly are doing private placements directly with the parents/guardians.

7)  Do you charge the children’s families for your services?
Yes, but there are no set fees. To encourage full participation, we charge families on a sliding scale based upon income. We will not reject helping a family based on their inability to pay a certain fee.

8)  Do you accept insurance?
No. However, families are charged on a sliding scale based upon income. See previous question/answer.

9)  Where do the children go to school while in the program?
The children attend school here. The Joy House academy is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. The children work in a self-paced curriculum receiving a lot of one-on-one help from both the teachers and our qualified volunteer tutors.

10)  What is the operating budget?
Our operating budget for 2023 is approximately $740,000. That includes both our residential program and counseling center.

11)  Where is The Joy House located?
On a beautiful 40-acre campus with mountain views about 7 miles off of 515 in Jasper, Georgia. See “Contact Info” for more detailed information.

12)  How is The Joy House different from other programs?
We are not solely a custodial or residential program. We are committed to family restoration and working closely with the family, not just the teen, toward that end. We provide an integrated program of counseling and education. Also, house parents have no more than six children per home, allowing much more focused attention for each child.